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04/05/2022 - Dự án


Stadiums seating



Stadium seating delivers not only comfortable experience, but also safety and reliability, which promoters must take into account when choosing correct sites.

Arenas seating


The combination of retractable seating and fixed seating in Arenas can provide spectators with an uninterrupted view while they are watching a live sport

Gymnasiums seating


Multi-use gyms are often used for basketball or physical education class. They have to alter their layout constantly. Retractable bleachers are the best choice.

Tracks seating


Temporary grandstands are often applied to a racetrack for auto racing across a city, such as Formula E. these structures will be recycled for the next competition.

Auditoriums seating


Both the telescopic seatings and fixed chairs can be applied to auditorium. Avant seats are manufactured in line with industrial standards and regulations.

Performing Arts seating

Performing Arts

Performing arts center seatings usually require chairs with upholstery to create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

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